About Rosewood Coaching

About Rosewood Coaching

Wellness, Executive and Leadership Coaching

Rosewood Coaching radiates integrity, ethics, and professionalism. All executive and personal coaches are credentialed through the International Coaching Federation.

Rosewood Coaching is committed to the whole person. The key to a successful organization is its people. The coaches of Rosewood Coaching are committed to people, helping them function at their best. Rosewood's credentialed executive coaches use science-based methodology to achieve change. It is a process-focused, professional, outcome-driven system whereby a client achieves organizational and personal excellence through a variety of assessments, interviews and exercises.

Why the name Rosewood? The Rosewood tree is a thing of great durability and strength. Its wood is rare and richly hued; and each tree's unique patterns are as individual as they are beautiful. Rosewood Coaching encounters each client as a unique individual-with his or her own patterns and strengths.

Bobbie Sue Wolk and Rick Wolk, principals at Rosewood Coaching, are a very strong and committed team. They stand with feet firmly planted on the ground, but aim high as they encourage clients to achieve lofty goals. She is trained in the behavioral sciences and industrial organizational psychology, which serve as the roots of the executive coaching industry. He is an entrepreneurial expert. A business junkie. He can’t help himself. He sees incredible potential in business start-ups and in the people who launch them. Together they balance the head knowledge of the science-based approaches involved in executive coaching, along with an organic and intuitive sense of a client's wholeness-their professional, personal and spiritual potential, which they tap into effortlessly and expectantly, giving people the space and the freedom to...dare we say it?—step out on a limb. Or branch out into new ways of thinking and responding to those around them.

From exit interviews and 360-degree assessments conducted through Rosewood Coaching, clients leave the coaching experience feeling satisfied not only with the assessments and tools that were provided, but with the care and selection of each client to one of Rosewood's fully credentialed executive coaches.

Bobbie Sue Wolk, MS, PCC, CPEC

Principal, Rosewood Coaching, LLC
Owner, Rosewood Accounting

Bobbie Sue Wolk is the first International Coaching Federation (ICF) Certified Coach in Alaska. She is a certified executive coach, industrial-organizational psychologist, accountant, business consultant, adjunct professor, author and entrepreneur with experience in all aspects of running organizations that achieve success. Bobbie Sue holds an advanced coaching certificate from the College of Executive Coaching, and is also a faculty member at the college. She has an international client base and holds workshops throughout Alaska and the Lower 48. Bobbie Sue takes a holistic approach to her work with business leaders to maximize their personal, spiritual and professional potential in order to help them to achieve the optimal balance in their lives.

Beginning as an accountant, Bobbie Sue was often integrated into the leadership team of the companies that paid for her accounting services. She learned the art of the deal and the art of getting along. Through close observation, she noted what worked and didn't work in the business world-in terms of how groups function with one another, how department heads communicate with staff, and how messages are disseminated in the work place. She wanted to do more just than help companies with their accounting. She felt a calling to move into an area that would allow her to have more involvement in the lives of the people she was already interacting with. While still working as an accountant, she went to graduate school, obtained an advanced degree, went through a rigorous training process and now has a lot of letters at the end of her name. The MS stands for the masters of science degree she earned in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. The PCC stands for Professional Personal Coach and requires more than 750 hours of advanced training, and finally, CPEC, Certified Personal and Executive Coach, she earned from the College of Executive Coaching through a rigorous and concentrated period of study.

As someone committed to living a life as fully as possible, Bobbie Sue has walked through difficult and challenging times. As a way of making herself wholly authentic and transparent, she has written and published a book about her sometimes-tumultuous upbringing in Southern California. Through the process of writing and publishing the book, Bobbie Sue did more than heal, she experienced restoration and wholeness, using many of the tools in her own repertoire. She has walked the walk and is committed to bringing wholeness, wellness, efficiency and productivity to each and every client. When not in her work environment, Bobbie Sue is most comfortable in Alaska's great outdoors. She currently resides in Anchorage, Alaska with her husband and business partner, Dr. Rick Wolk.

Dr. Rick Wolk

Principal, Rosewood LLC
Chair, Vistage International (Alaska)

Rick is an educator, executive coach, and an entrepreneur with experience in all aspects of running organizations that strive for management and marketing excellence. In addition to his 10 years of teaching university students, Rick has also successfully managed business development, sales, marketing, human resources and administrative functions for intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial ventures; his experience includes P&L responsibility, general management, international business, new product development, and start-ups. Rick earned his PhD from Leeds Beckett University in the U.K. His Masters of Business Administration degree is from the Kellogg School of Management and his B.S. is from Northwestern University. In Alaska, Rick is a Board member for both the University Economic Development Association and for the World Trade Center Alaska. He is also a member of the advisory board for Alaska's T.E.A.M. (The Entrepreneurs and Mentors Network) and a former Executive Director of Alaska InvestNet. Rick's Green Gazelle research allows him to work with Alaska's entrepreneurs and their entrepreneurial ecosystems to influence high growth sustainability entrepreneurship in rural Alaska, helping entrepreneurs to be more financially successful, to create more jobs, and to be more ecologically positive. When he is not working, you will most likely find Rick in a kayak, on cross-country skis, or just hanging out with his wife and business partner Bobbie Sue Wolk.

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

—Henry David Thoreau