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Executive coaching to move forward.

Executive coaching — whether personal or corporate — provides tools and asks the questions that bring about personal insight. The energy of the "ah-ha" moments propels client's forward-through fears and trepidation-and onto peak performance.

The credentialed executive coaches of Rosewood Coaching provide immediate direction and practical application for the challenges faced by employees in today's fast-paced marketplace.

Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn.
Ben Franklin

Unfortunately, many of us are head down and focused solely on the workplace's immediate demands. We have a sincere desire to do our best-both at work and at home-but at times we lack the margin and the time to focus on developing ourselves and our potential as thoughtful managers and inspired leaders. The personal coaches of Rosewood Coaching bring intentionality to the process of developing our leadership capabilities.

For many people, physical exercise is a matter of importance but has to be penciled into our schedules to make it happen. Executive coaching and personal coaching bring that same intentionality to the process of becoming a more purposeful and intentional leader. An executive coach provides the focus, direction and assistance to improve performance and develop qualities within you that motivate and inspire those around you and under your leadership.

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Bobbie Sue radiates integrity, ethics, and professionalism. Her advice is spot on, and her ability to help is immense. She quickly hones in on developmental areas, and then helps you help yourself. The best part is that it is wrapped up in the thoughtful and friendly package that is Bobbie Sue. Tim Arnold, EVP & COO